A brief summary of our history, mission and vision

Our History

Our founders worked professionally and academically in the field of agriculture for 8 years prior to 2022 and have first-hand experience with the impact of climate change on crops. The extreme weather changes from climate change significantly impact the yield of small hold farmers, reducing their livelihood and their quality of life. Ithaka, a big organization that focuses on biochar, was hired in 2021 to put biochar into the Indonesian ecosystem. This resulted in impressive increases in farmer yields from using simple carbon waste biomass, increasing the livelihood of the farmers. At this point, upscaling biochar application to farmers all across Indonesia in order to improve the livelihood and quality of life of the farmers, has become the goal of the founders. For this purpose, the non-profit organization Agathis Dammara Karbon was created on December 2022 in Indonesia.

We believe that mindfully reusing and improving what mother nature has given us for something better is a great way to have a better quality of life
Our Vision

Creating a sustainable agricultural environment and adapting the carbon-mindful agricultural concept in Indonesia.

Our Mission
  • Research and develop innovative technology based on carbon (biochar) to increase the yield and welfare of small-holder farmers.
  • Implement biochar-based technology on a farmer scale to create a sustainable agroecosystem.
  • Become the primary source of information and knowledge exchange of biochar in Indonesia.
  • Support government decisions regarding regulations surrounding sustainable agroecosystems.
  • Provide educational and technical assistance to small-holder farmers in implementing sustainable and regenerative agriculture