Programs to improve the future

With the goal of sharing our knowledge in the form of education or available resources, we hope to improve the quality of life of the farmers while also helping the agricultural sector and environment in the process.

There are 3 main programs that Adakarbon works on. These programs each approach a different subject to reach our overarching goal of improvement for agriculture, farmers and nature alike.

With years of experience in the field of carbon, waste management, field trials and farmer interactions, we strive to always share our ever-expanding library of knowledge. We offer an array of knowledge for not just our partners, but also any interested third party. Some of the things that we offer and focus on are listed below.

1. Research and development

The studies are about (and not limited to) the best biochar practice on different types of soil, climate, and agricultural practices around Indonesia. The study will include a social and economic feasibility study. We also hope to publish an international journal through this program. There will be three different activities conducted under this program:

  • Biochar Study
  • A literature study will be conducted to identify the knowledge gap and research potential. We will also conduct an economic and feasibility study to analyze the potential of farms.

  • Field Trials
  • Lend, purchase land, and work together with farmers to conduct field trials based on the biochar study.

  • Collaborations
  • Writing proposals for grants and funding to international organizations or the Indonesian government. We will also collaborate with local universities and government bodies to conduct research.

2. Center of Innovation

Collaboration to create innovation and technology to be implemented on a farmer scale. There will be two activities conducted in this program:

  • Biochar open database
  • We will create open-source literature for biochar study. This will help students, farmers, and researchers that would like to learn more about biochar for free.

  • Co-creation
  • We always open our door to any company, organization, or person that would like to collaborate in co-creating carbon-based technology.

3. Community Service

We will introduce biochar technology to farmers by conducting farmer trials, training farmers, and assisting farmers with carbon trading. There will be three activities conducted in this program:

  • Farmer training
  • We will conduct workshops and invite farmers to be trained on how to produce biochar sustainably, its application, and its potential.

  • Community development
  • A model farm will be established and a booklet containing biochar application instructions will be shared with farmers. We will assist farmers in certifying their biochar and incentivize them to receive carbon credit. From our center of innovation program, we will apply any relevant new technology.

  • Environmental service
  • We will plant trees and plants with high carbon absorption and fixation to maximize the net zero CO2 emission.