Farmer training
Education in procedures and results

Adakarbon can train farmers to your specific needs to meet your expectations. Adakarbon can ensure that methodologies are applied, procedures followed and results are achieved together.

Field trials
Practical trials for practical results

Practical trials all over Indonesia to help achieve your set goals. Adakarbon can help set up or create new trials, but can also jump into an existing project.

Biochar study
Refine or discover methodologies

When goals related to biochar in Indonesia exist, Adakarbon is sure to be of help. With extensive knowledge and experience refining the team of Adakarbon, help can be applied in a great variety of ways.

Working together to achieve more

Bigger collaborations with multiple organizations, an elaborate project, or even something different entirely. If its another thing that Adakarbon can help with, feel free to contact us for our expertise.

We look forward to doing great things with you anywhere in the world.

Research for the betterment of a sustainable future.

Adakarbon is a non-profit non-government organization that seeks to improve both nature and the quality of life of smallholder farmers in Indonesia.

As a non-profit organization, we seek to share as much knowledge and improvement as we can within our country to create a better, sustainable future. One of the ways in which Adakarbon is achieving this goal is through the promotion of biochar and working with smallholder farmers. Reducing agricultural waste, and increasing the numerous benefits for soil health and fertility are some of the goals we strive to accomplish. Adakarbon is working towards increasing the use and adoption of biochar in Indonesia, and research plays a critical role in this endeavor.

Adakarbon’s team works closely with both domestic and foreign companies and universities to create field trials and conduct research studies on e.g. the impact of biochar on soil health and crop yields.

The research that Adakarbon conducts is critical because it serves as the basis for future biochar developments in Indonesia. By conducting rigorous studies and collecting data, Adakarbon is able to provide evidence of the benefits of biochar and how it can be used effectively in various agricultural settings. This information is then used to inform policy and promote the adoption of biochar by smallholder farmers.

We want to work together with you for a better future. Contact us for more information, just to have a talk, or even just to see if there is a way we can help each other.