Luki Fathia (Tia)

Founder, CEO

(Tia) is the founder and director of Adakarbon. Her background in agriculture led her to the world of climate change, where she was appointed to be the Indonesian project leader of one of the world's prominent research institutes of biochar, Ithaka Institute. While working with Ithaka Institute, she realized the potential of farmers in Indonesia to contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation through biochar. Her passion for working with smallholder farmers and increasing their quality of life led her to establish Adakarbon.

Hulman Rinanto

Co-founder, Head of operations

Hulman is the co-founder of Adakarbon. His passion for agriculture started at an early age when he was first introduced to Trubus, an Indonesian agricultural magazine. His love of agriculture drove him to do a bachelor's degree in agriculture and immediately join the palm oil industry after. Being eight years in the deep forest of palm, Hulman decided to switch to sea farming with seaweed. In his spare time, Hulman likes to golf, cook and travel.

Riefna Rahmanda


Riefna has worked with smallholder farmers for the last several years. She is experienced in landscape and garden management, greenhouse horticulture, and floriculture. She gained more experience through her internship at Schoolhouse Farm, Maine, and Monterey Bay, California. Her on-hand experience in agriculture led her to establish her very own mushroom greenhouse in Singosari, East Java, where, together with local farmers, she supplied oyster mushrooms to the market.

Max Geraldi


Max Geraldi is a dedicated and humble advocate for the environment. With his genuine passion for sustainability, Max tirelessly works to make a positive impact on our planet. He navigates the intricacies of environmental conservation, mining, reforestation, and renewable energy solutions with humility and a deep sense of responsibility. Through years of commitment and perseverance, Max inspires others to join the sustainable journey and strive for a greener future by reminding us that every small action can make a meaningful difference.

M. Hario Alfarisi


Hario graduated with a bachelor's degree in forestry from IPB. He is experienced as a safety professional with a solid practical understanding of the power plants as well as oil and gas industries. He also holds several certifications for Health, Safety, and Environment (K3) and has helped Adakarbon to ensure our activities are following the safety regulations.

Ibnu Budiman

Governing board

Ibnu worked for almost ten years as a researcher and consultant in the field of environmental management and sustainable development - on themes of climate actions, renewable energy, agriculture, land use, fishery, and waste - from various perspectives; socio-ecological system, policy, governance, finance, and technical aspects. Using multiple methods such as qualitative, spatial analysis, mixed methods, and systematic (literature) review. He passionately worked and volunteered with various organizations around the globe and has published more than 20 research publications. He is a Ph.D. candidate with an MSc in environmental sciences, minoring in climate studies and sustainability, from Wageningen University and Research.